The way to the smooth run of your web apps.

Catch, track and resolve fails in your apps. Fix them before customers complain.
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Leaderboard displays fails grouped and sorted by number of occurrences.
Mail notifications are sent based on number of fail occurrences.
Stream displays the latest errors that occurred.
Sharing enables to cooperate on a project with the rest of the team.

How it works

FailTracker is a service for developers, web administration and for project management. It helps you to ensure your web apps run smoothly and efficiently. Connect FailTracker with JavaScript, Java, Grails/Groovy and PHP connectors, which are available after registration, with your app.
Once you add FailTracker into your code it starts to inform you about failures, errors and crashes in your app. All issues are displayed on a Leaderboard or available as a Stream. There are all issues sorted by number of occurrences on the Leaderboard so you can see the most relevant information which help you to fix all errors.
Get started to use FailTracker today and make your apps stable.



Create a new project and connect FailTracker with your applications.

Catch all failures that occur durign the run of your web applications.

Resolve all failures and other critical issues in your web applications.
FailTracker brings a new experience so developers do not have to go through huge log files, all failures are visible immediately.
- Lukas Havlasek, Netdevelo -
As a software developer I use FailTracker everyday, no errors are ignored during the development.
- Ondrej Kvasnovsky, Vendavo -
... and your customers will you.